Course Syllabus

Welcome to 21st Century Workplace Skills!

Mrs. Sitzmann

A great deal of research has gone into determining what employers want from their employees, beyond just the basic skills for the job.  The 21st Century skills you will learn in this class can help you be the type of job candidate an employer wants to hire, retain, and promote (and pay well!).  This classroom will operate under expectations like those in the workplace, as a way to practice and master workplace skills.


Your overall grade for this course is given to your Lab instructor every 9 weeks, to be included in your Lab grade.

You will be graded for each module based on professionalism, participation, and completion of classroom assignments.

  • Participation - You are expected to participate in group discussion during each module.  
  • Professionalism - being in uniform, being on-time & ready to work, using time well, keeping personal technology put away, demonstrating a positive attitude, and showing respect
  • Class Assignments - completing assignments (group and individual) thoroughly, with accuracy, and effort.

Mock interviews -  Mock interviews, scheduled by your instructor,  will count for a large portion of your grade in the 4th grading period.  ALL Juniors must participate, and dress code is strict.  For young men, you will need a button-up dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress socks, and dress shoes.  For young women, this will include dress pants or business-length skirt, dress blouse, sheer hose, and closed-toe dress shoes.  Jeans, tennis shoes, work boots, etc. will NOT be allowed.  Begin asking family or friends now if you do not have these items and may need to borrow.


  • Be on Time - for the start of class, and from breaks.  If you cannot arrive on-time, you MUST have a Return to Class slip.
  • Show Respect - Disrespect for classmates or the instructor will not be tolerated, just like any disrespect toward you will also not be tolerated.  Heads should always be up.  Eyes should be on the speaker when someone is talking.  One person speaks at a time.
  • Use Computers Appropriately - Much of our work will be completed using online resources, meaning you will frequently use the computers in our room.  It is essential that you follow proper policies for use - you will be graded on your proper use of time and completion of the assigned activities.  All typed assignments should be saved to your Personal drive with the school.  If we are not completing a computer-based activity, you should not be using your computer.
  • Participate - you are expected to work for the full class time, every time, and submit all assignments on time.  
  • Stick to the Job - there will be NO tolerance for use of personal technology during class.  Your phone/iPod/etc. should never be in use during class time, unless you are specifically instructed to use it.  If you need to use these items for personal reasons, you must do so during break.
  • Be in Class - if you must miss class, you are expected to submit a make-up request form.  This should be submitted in advance for planned absences, and no later than the first day you return to school for unplanned absences.  The instructor will assign make-up activities, which may need to be completed on your personal time, and are due on the date assigned by the instructor.

I'm glad you're here and am excited to be part of your plans for success!

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